Fruit Day 2012

We held our annual fruit fair this year at Dukes Meadows on National Apple Day October 21st . There was apple pressing, bobbing and peeling, and loads of chutneys, jams and jellies as well as a craft stall with a special tree to hang decorated apples and a prize for the most creative ones.

Competition winners: Fred Bullock (Year 3, Latymer Prep) ; Woody (Year 2, William Hogarth Primary School); Constantine (Blossom class, Grove Park Primary School)

William Hogarth School had their own stall selling goodies made from the apples, pears and quince that the pupils picked during the Abundance school pick.

We had fewer apples than in previous years because the whole UK harvest has been affected by bad weather. Despite that, we managed to press at least 500 kilos which yielded about 70 litres of juice.

Once the apple juice was pressed out of the fruit, a huge apple pulp cake was left for the pigs. Or, since our usual pig keeper wasn’t able to take them this year, the compost heap.

Even the coffee stall entered into the spirit of the day and made apple-shaped coffee.

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