April newsletter – call for volunteers

We will be creating a mile-long nectar garden along the same three streets – Chiswick’s central shopping area. Fragrant herbs and edible climbing plants will help create a nectar-rich environment that should again put a smile on Chiswick’s face. (I know – hard to imagine it now when all is cold and grey!)

So far some fifty businesses have signed up for their own herbal garden. The project brings together local groups from all walks of life – from local schools, churches, charities, reparations projects, local garden centres, and of course the businesses on our local high streets who need all the support they can get these days. This year, copying Chiswick’s lead, several other Edible High Roads are taking off. There will be new orchard roads in NW6, SE23, two in W6, and maybe more…

IF YOUR BUSINESS, RESTAURANT OR SHOP IS NOT YET INVOLVED, please get in touch. Karen@abundancelondon.com

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for the following:

Screwing on casters and lining planting boxes – next Saturday 6th April, 12-3pm. Brentford
VENUE: Cultivate London, Brentford Lock.
Coming from Chiswick, turn right off the High Road, after the Holiday Inn/Canal bridge, down Commerce Road. Enter where you see the sign to “marketing suite”. Ring if you get lost – 07779 326 345

Weaving willow obelisks – next Sunday 7th April, from 10am. Shepperton
The Ranges, Dockett Eddy Lane TW17 9NT next Sunday 7th April. Entrance via yellow gate on the left a few yards into the Towpath. Learn a new skill – how to make obelisks for the herbal boxes.

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