First pick of 2013 – Cherries on Turnham Green

We had a fun pick on Turnham Green yesterday, getting kilos of cherries – big white-pink ones, and little deep dark red ones – from the trees opposite the church. Our first pick of what looks like being a bumper fruit harvest this year. We all left carrying buckets of fruit, and feeling like we had already eaten too many!

20130717_cherry girl Patty sorting the crop

Favourite questions from passersby:

Teenager “Is that a tomato tree?”

Man throwing his shoes up trying in vain to dislodge cherries. As he sees us approaching with armfuls of picking poles, “You’re the answer to my prayers!”

Old lady tottering past: “I’ve lived her all my life and I never knew they were edible.” Thinks a bit, “In fact I never knew they were cherries!”

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3 thoughts on “First pick of 2013 – Cherries on Turnham Green

  1. The memory of picking these cherrries on what was, allegedly, the hottest day of 2013 so far will get me through the dark British winter. Arrived at 5pm to find children trying to shake them down from the trees and catch them in an upturned umbrella. The young ringleader explained: ‘I’m from Iran’. Indeed, Iranian passers-by were particularly excited to see and taste the cherries – a reminder of their country. I was enchanted that each of the four or five cherry trees we picked had a different looking and tasting fruit – some resembling small black olives – even though they stood right next to each other. Truly, Nature’s abundance.

    At 7pm, we left the cherries to the parakeets.

    Have just made Cherry clafoutis with 9oz of my haul.

    Sally-Jayne Wright, food journalist, @SJWrightonfood

  2. “I didn’t know cherries came from trees!” From one passer by 🙂

    What a wonderful afternoon! I’ve made a cherry pie and good old cherry brandy. Just need to muster the patience to leave it to infuse…

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