Breaking the maze

Breaking the Maze, Saturday 20th September, 10am onwards
We’ll be dismantling the Magical Orchard at Chiswick Library from this Saturday. You are invited to come and help yourself to the straw bales and wood chip from 10am onwards. Bring your own sacks or containers.

The fruit trees will remain until the end of November – if you have any good ideas for where to plant them permanently in a public place or school playground thereafter, let us know. The veg bed, insect hotel and little free library will be staying on, as will the veg plantings behind the bench.

You can pick up the straw and woodchip any time from 20th September, as long as stocks last.

School fruit picking
We started our first school pick this morning – well done William Hogarth school who collected 6 crates of tasty pears from Burlington Lane. Tomorrow St Peter’s school are off hunting for apples and pears in Netheravon Road. If you have any laden fruit trees and would like some help picking, please get in touch. If you prefer adult help, we can organise a weekend pick.

Knot garden on Turnham Green
We had a good turnout to trim the knot garden (thanks guys) and we all came out smelling very sweetly herby. We found some lovely spiders’ nests, so the garden not only looks good, but it is also improving biodiversity.

Abundance Fruit Day, Saturday 4th October
We’ll be holding our usual celebration with the Big Apple Press at St Michael’s & All Angels. Local honey, smoothy bike, apple ID, cakes and preserves, and all the traditional apple-related skills. Details to follow.


Photo: Louis Littlemore chomping on a bean as he passes the library. His sister, Matilda, aged 9, said the Magical Orchard was the best thing ever.

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