Turnham Green Bridges

Update January 2015: Our request for funding from Hounslow Council’s S106 budget has not been accepted. We are to wait until June for the ‘inward investment’ team to contact us. We rather think this is the kiss of death for the project…. Ah well, we will make other fun and beautiful projects elsewhere.

Feb 2014: With the help of architects Adams Collingwood we have drawn up a proposal to improve the underground bridges at Turnham Green tube. We propose a fabulous mural, which everyone would be invited to work on (school sessions, public sessions…) directed by an artist to ensure a great result, and a green wall in the light wells. A maintenance budget would be included to make sure the green walls continue to look fantastic. Transport for London and Hounslow Council have made positive noises so far, and we are awaiting further encouragement…  Perhaps for next year’s Chelsea Fringe?


For more information and to follow the evolution of our ideas: Presentation Abundance London – Turnham Green Nov 2013, reduced size

3 thoughts on “Turnham Green Bridges

  1. I think the Turnham Green Bridges project is brilliant – using solar energy to light, ceramic tile maps and green wall with Thames flow connecting. How it will transform that grizzzzly passage permanently! Hope the brick wall below will be cleaned too. How can we help?

  2. it looks WONDERFUL and would give the spirits a HUGE lift on that side of the road. Will you be able to “fill in the ledges” on the vertical sides of the bridge – where pigeons roost and drop…

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