Picking season 2015 kicks off in earnest

This weekend Abundance picked greengages in Ealing 2015-08-29 12.00.05

Then we were called in to the garden in Bedford Park which always kicks off the apple season in Chiswick. Like Sunderland, sprinting with their ballot boxes to be the first to declare at the elections, Gilly and Jonathan’s two apple trees – Arthur Turner and Gala – always ripen weeks before everyone else. Their apples, picked with the help of three little girls, dressed as blue and pink fairies (or maybe princesses?) went off to become cider.

Sunday saw the first pears,

2015-08-30 11.34.32

picked from a garden literally adjoining Chelsea Football Stadium, from a tree at the very limits of our picking pole length. We hear they are to be ‘pears in red wine’ and pear slaw.

Meanwhile a crab apple tree that was offered for picking in our mailshot to the first comer drew from the woodwork a further 5 similar trees, with willing pickers, so we have been sweeping our email brooms and singing ‘matchmaker matchmaker’ as we fit picker to tree. Hopefully, all around happy pickers are making crab apple jelly and maybe offering the tree owner a jar or two. (or even keeping some for Abundance to offer at the Apple Day on 4th October…)

So a busy weekend all round. September 2015 looks like being quite tough!

4 thoughts on “Picking season 2015 kicks off in earnest

  1. Hello. I am interested in your fruit picking. Especially greengage sand damsons! But anything really. I’m a chef and a member of the Chiswick school PTA. Look forward to
    Hearing from you. Regards


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