Harvest has arrived with a bang – pickers (and eaters) needed!

This year’s harvest is shaping up to be a bumper one, and about a month early. Tough for tree owners as many are away and we can’t enrol our usual school teams to help deal with the gluts.

So we are putting out a call for

  • people who want to pick
  • people who want to eat
  • people who want to make preserves (and make a few for us for our Apple Day)
  • any charities, food banks, sheltered housing etc who can use the produce
  • Any restaurants or businesses who (in return for a donation) would like to use this wonderful, local, usually organic harvest

Get in touch with us asap for details: karen@abundancelondon.com

We have the following crops, all easily accessible in Chiswick:

  1. Damsons in Staveley Road. Lovely dark purple, flawless fruit, perfect for jams, gins, pickles, compotes (if you like ‘em tart). To scoop up by the bucketload from the grass.
  2. Pears in Barrowgate Road. Huge, luscious heritage pears.
  3. Apples in Queen Annes Grove. Arthur Turner and Katja varieties (red eaters and green cookers).
  4. A whole grove of 40 apple trees in White City.

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