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We are based in Chiswick. If you are looking for another London or UK group click here.


Any other queries please contact us below

2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Dear Abundance,
    I understand that you would welcome the ability to collect fruit from London gardens.
    I have a Monarch apple tree, which is pretty heavily laden with fruit, more than I can pick or eat. It is a cooking variety at this time of year but delicious later when fully ripe. However, before that stage is ever reached, either the wind has blown them off or the blackbirds have had a go at them.
    Would you like to have them but, if so, it will require a long ladder and a good head for heights?
    My phone number is 07590 444 854
    Martin Everard

    • Hi Martin,

      Whereabouts in London are you? There are other Abundance groups around who might be interested. We mainly pick in West London.
      regards Karen

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